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Weather Shield Awning IG

LifeGuard Weather Shield awnings feature insulating, impact glass for the greatest energy-efficiency, as well as protection from the adverse weather conditions found in coastal hurricane regions. Awnings can stand alone, but are most often a great complement to operating or stationary casements. Units are contructed of a wood interior and an extruded aluminum-clad exterior.

Exterior Finishes

A variety of distinctive finish options are available for LifeGuard Weather Shield windows and doors. The Accentials color system includes 55 standard and designer colors, with custom colors available. A variety of unique anodized finishes offered as well.

Standard Colors

Interior Wood

Choose from a variety of rich custom wood interiors to complement fine furniture, cabinets, floors and interior trim. Pine is standard and available interior prefinished in any one of the Accentials colors (see Exterior Finishes). FSC certified wood species are also available.

Wood Species

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