Set your home apart with style while increasing your home's energy efficiency and reducing its maintenance demands. Our broad selection offers the ultimate in performance and luxury.
Energy Tax Credit

Pinch fusion-welding construction
creates a solid, one-piece unit with no excess variance for long-term durability

Warm Edge Glass Spacer System
Reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by using a unique U-shaped channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold; upgrade to Warm Edge+ for enhanced performance

New Generation UIPVC Vinyl
never needs painting or caulking and resists conducting heat and cold

Heavy duty weatherstripping
provides a barrier to air and water saving energy dollars

SilLock Design
Sloped sill with unique SilLock design ensures natural water run-off

Patented R-Core
5000 Series comes standard with the vinyl mainframe filled with patented R-Core insulation; for enhanced performance 5000 Series Energy Package options feature the mainframe and sash filled with patented R-Core

Interforce II reinforced and integral interlocking system

Interforce II fiberglass reinforcement in the meeting rails (on double hung and sliding windows) for unsurpassed strength and durability with 5000 Series Energy Package option

V.I.P. Lifetime Limited WARRANTY
(download warranty for complete details)

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